Dangerous Trees Are Our Specialty

Turn to Manchester, NH's premier tree removal company

Is a dead, dying or damaged tree threatening your home? The tree removal pros at S H Tree Services can fix that. After we've felled the tree, we'll grind the stump to make sure your yard is safe.

A dying tree is like a ticking time bomb. Remove the threat today. Call S H Tree Services for complete tree removal service in Manchester, New Hampshire or the surrounding area.

3 ways tree removal service keeps your home safe

3 ways tree removal service keeps your home safe

Older trees create a sense of calm in any yard. Dead, dying or damaged trees, however, bring a host of headaches. S H Tree Services in Manchester, New Hampshire provides tree removal service to manage older trees.

Without proper tree management, you could face:

  1. Property damage - fallen trees and limbs can cost you thousands of dollars in home or car repair bills.
  2. Pests - dead trees attract wood-destroying insects, possums and racoons to your yard.
  3. Fire - lush trees can slow a fire, but dead trees act like kindling, drawing it closer to your home.

Call 603-689-8428 now to schedule a tree removal appointment for dead or hazardous trees.